GB3UP Introduction


 The Repeater

  • Keeper/NoV holder - Simon GW6TKK
  • RX/TX - Tait TB800 MK2 slim line base station.
  • Logic - Designed and Built by keeper 
  • Channel - RU73  input Frequency -  438.5125 MHz  Output frequency 430.9125 MHz
  • Access - CTCSS Tone F 94.8 Hz  The repeater also transmits this tone when active.
  • Time Out - 4 minutes
  • Identification - Every 10 minutes by morse code - Callsign + F to identify CTCSS Tone followed by 4 sec carrier before returning to standby.
  • Successful access ident - Morse code K  If the repeater has been inactive for a length of time it will send a K + Callsign. If the repeater has been in use then just a K is sent
  • Echolink Node GB3UP-R

    In normal use the callsign will be sent periodically. You  can talk over the morse identifications, your voice will be mixed with the morse suppressed to a lower level.

    The K has a fraction of a second delay on it, This is because some of the cheap radios from China don't switch from TX to RX very fast so the user would not hear the K. Wait for the K to be sent as this resets the time out timer.

    Most important of all - Use it and have fun. The repeater has been constructed to improve coverage around the Fishguard area and give visitors something to play with while down here on holiday. It is not solely for use by mobile stations it is meant to be a common point where we can all meet up.

    My thanks to MW6AGS, MW6JFI  and MW6IOZ for all their help in the building and testing phase

    My thanks to Graham at TRS Radio Structures Ltd for supplying the antenna array.